Helping investment firms and their portfolio founders to unlock peak performance while reducing overwork and burnout

Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century and it’s destroying people and companies

Thrive under pressure by working smarter not harder


As reported by the Wall Street Journal, 75% of venture-backed companies fail. There are a number of factors that lead to business failure, and many of them contribute to burnout and overwork.

Research by Mental Health America shows that the stress, anxiety and depression this creates costs US businesses $500BN per year.

By pushing for growth at all costs and working harder not smarter, we (ironically) create business outcome failures and collapse.

So how can investment firms and their portfolio founders and executive teams go from surviving to thriving?

What we do

Vision to Growth reimagines executive coaching and management consulting by empowering growth-stage founders and their executive teams to attain unprecedented performance levels while reducing overwork and burnout. Our distinctive fusion of executive coaching, leadership development, management consulting, and mental health solutions dismantle inner and outer barriers to growth, paving the way for success.

By taking an inside out approach to growth, we have lifted portfolio company productivity by 51%, increased revenue by 49%, increased talent retention by 45% and reduced healthcare costs per employee by up to 50%.

A BIPOC-owned business, Vision To Growth delivers measurable business outcomes for founders and their teams.

Our mission is to unlock peak performance and awaken full potential by increasing the consciousness with which we lead and live.


What people say about us

  • Vision To Growth's contribution to my firm’s success has been beyond measure. As a founder with a strong vision of what I wanted to bring to market, I struggled with how to take my rough vision and turn it into a viable value proposition. Val turned that vision into a strong offering, all while mentoring me in many personal and professional areas. Fast forward to today. After only a few months working with Vision To Growth, my business has doubled in revenues. The team knows exactly how to support people in my position who are dealing with business growth issues, while having to find the mental and physical energy to keep plugging along. I will be forever in Val’s debt for the growth he has brought me, both personally and professionally.

  • "Vision to Growth’s focus on inner growth builds a mindset that unblocks barriers rooted in fear and clears the way to understanding and achieving growth. "

  • "In just a short amount of time, Vision To Growth has helped me make numerous connections about unproductive patterns and provided the tools to start reprogramming them."

  • "Energy leadership coaching and the music-based team experiences by Vision To Growth, take me on a powerful journey of intimate introspection to attain consciousness, calm and balance."

Unlock peak performance

Discover how to harmonize with yourself and your surroundings, adopting a more intentional and purposeful approach to work and life. Break free from repeating cycles that result in stress, anxiety, fear, non-clinical depression, and burnout. Identify your default energy and persona in both favorable and challenging situations, as well as your blind spots. How can investors and their portfolio teams sidestep strategies and tactics that contribute to business failures?

By driving growth from the inside out, we empower founders, executives, and their teams to:

  • Attain unprecedented performance on both personal and organization levels
  • Achieve goals with alignment and ease
  • Unlock inner confidence and strengthen mental resilience
  • Elevate leadership and teamwork
  • Alleviate stress within the team and organization
  • Foster belonging and purpose
  • Heal and recharge consciously 

Meet our founder

In a world saturated with self-proclaimed gurus and influencers, identifying partners who genuinely contribute to lasting impact can be challenging. Val-Pierre Genton, an entrepreneur with two successful exits, understands the founder's journey firsthand.

He recognizes that ultimately, it is our inner guru that shapes our success and happiness.

Screen Shot 2022-09-03 at 6.23.13 PM
  • "Your spirit is part of BrightTALK and will no doubt continue to energize, excite and inform people in the team for many years to come. As a co-founder, you've helped with so many facets of the BrightTALK diamond that we would still be a rough cut without you."

Vision To Growth Foundation & Manifesto


With anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression at epidemic levels, we have to reimagine the status quo. We spend most of our lives working so that's an area where we can make a big impact. That's why Vision To Growth gives 1/3 of our profits to the Vision To Growth Foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to:

Bring  investors, founders and leaders together in a safe and inclusive space to recharge, reset and learn how to improve their mental health

Discuss and test how we can do business in more sustainable and impactful ways to provide a viable and actionable alternative to overwork and hustle culture

Support the current and next generation of entrepreneurs* to become the conscious leaders that the world needs

*Everyone is included but due to current boardroom inequality, we will emphasize women, black, indigenous and people of color.

1/3 of Vision To Growth’s profits go towards this foundation.