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Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century and it's destroying the growth of people and companies

  • “94% of workers are stressed.”

  • “40% of employees don’t believe their employer supports their mental wellness.”

  • “65% of employees say the pandemic made them rethink the place that work should have in their life.”

  • “Stress costs US companies $500 BN per year.”

  • “Resignations are highest among 25-45 year olds in tech and healthcare.”

  • ”60% of leaders feel burned out at the end of a workday.

Learn how to break free of unconscious management, the #1 single point of failure

There’s a direct connection between stress, unconscious leadership, the 50% of companies that fail within their first five years and the 70% that fail within 10 years. So how do start-ups, growth companies and their leaders react and manage individuals that burn out and check out? What are the triggers in business leadership that can cause stress, confusion and burnout?

What we do


Vision to Growth teaches growth companies and their leaders how to manage initiatives using intention-based techniques that unlock the full potential and peak performance of the organisation – while reducing stress.

In doing so, you will lift productivity by >40%, multiply growth by >30%, increase talent acquisition and retention by up to 50% and potentially halve healthcare costs per employee.

A BIPOC-owned business, Vision To Growth delivers measurable business outcomes for leaders and their teams.

Our mission is to unlock humanity's full potential by increasing the consciousness with which we lead, love and live.


What people say about us

  • "Music and energy leadership, which is the signature of Vision To Growth, takes me on a powerful journey of intimate introspection to attain consciousness, calm and balance."

  • "Vision to Growth builds a mindset that unblocks barriers rooted in fear and clears the way to understanding and achieving growth, all the while building community and connections for people to prosper together."

  • "I've worked with Val as an executive coach for a few months and wow what an experience it's been. In just a short amount of time, Val has helped me make numerous connections about unproductive patterns and provided the tools to start reprogramming them."

  • "Val-Pierre Genton is remarkably authentic. He brings compassion and professionalism to each moment. Val walked by my side as I journeyed from a place of tethered uncertainty to unbound confidence. Val has no agenda nor preconceived notions. He brings a beautifully thought-provoking and empowering curiosity. I now see myself differently, always will."


Learn how to be in tune with yourself and your environment, have a more conscious and intentional approach to work and life. Avoid repeating patterns that lead to stress, anxiety, fear and burnout. What is your go to energy and persona during the good times and bad? What are your blind spots?  How can your leadership team avoid the strategies and tactics that lead to business outcome failures?

  • Become a better leader and team
  • Reduce team and company stress
  • Reach goals with ease
  • Be more engaged and belong with purpose
  • Energize and recharge with intention
  • Tap into your inner growth and wellness

Our Inner Growth Hacking® programs will help companies, leadership and their teams to

  • Increase performance
  • Multiply growth
  • Scale impact
  • Inspire each other

How do we do it?

Online and on-location

workshops · courses · 1:1 executive and leadership coaching · group coaching · keynote presentations · team building retreats

Meet our founder

Vision To Growth is not led by a self-proclaimed guru. We believe that we are each our own guru. Here's our founder Val-Pierre Genton (aka Melodious V) sharing his Vision To Growth journey... 

Vision To Growth Foundation

The mission of the Vision To Growth foundation is to empower the next generation (Z) to become the balanced, conscious, impactful and visionary leaders the world needs.

We help young adults who want to live in flow with their full potential. The foundation exists to help gen Z professionals master their inner growth and mental wellness so they can live their most authentic and remarkable lifetime.

While we prioritize disadvantaged visionaries, the foundation is inclusive and accessible to all.


1/3 of Vision To Growth’s profits go towards this foundation.